We offer a wide range of customized electroplating that help our industrial and manufacturing customers develop higher quality products. We are ready and able to provide you with samples of superior products we’ve produced in each of these fields of endeavor.

  • Plastic Electroplating Process:

Plastic electroplating process begins with copper and ends with chrome. Our main finishes include bright and satin chromium and we provide other finishes dependent upon customer demand.

Molding parameters affect plating performance. With our own in-house tooling & plastic injection workshop, we surely help keep costs down by providing plastic injection parts with proper melt temperatures, cycle times, drying parameters, and resin composition.

  • Metal Electroplating Process:

We offer a full range of metal plating services applied to the following substrates: steel, brass, aluminium,…

Our finishing expertise allows us to successfully serve both the functional and decorative needs of a variety of industries including automotive, electric appliance, CNC processing…




Our Quality Control Follows Our Plating Parts:

We keep our in-house laboratory busy performing tests on a daily basic depends on customers’ requirements:

  • CASS testing for corrosion resistance evaluation
  • Dry thermal cycle testing for adhension testing
  • Plating thickness testing

Green Philosophy:

We are proud of one of the leader eco-friendly plating company operating today. Being the most efficient plating company while maintaining an environmentally friendly commitment sets us apart from our competitors.

The gas emissions and wastewater are treated to reduce pollutant to acceptable levels.



The evaporative tank of poly products Inc. is used to recover chrome rinse and then return it to the etch tanks.


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